The Best News You Could Hear

the news

What would your news be?

The best news. The absolutely best thing you could ever hear if you answered your phone and someone had something to tell you.

Do you know what it would be?

I think mine would fall along the lines of:

  • You will make measurable improvements in the areas that matter to you from now until the day you die
  • You will publish books that people will love, and they will make you comfortable enough to do only the work you want
  • You will no longer have a schedule after today
  • Either 1: Yes there’s an afterlife and you’ll be able to enjoy yourself
  • or 2: there’s no afterlife, so enjoy yourself and feel like all your hard work is validated


6 thoughts on “The Best News You Could Hear

  1. I liked this very much. Of course I would love to hear the first three, but your “Either 1 or 2” I found most insightful. If you could know, for sure, either way, that would be life-altering, definitely. I think, if people knew that this life was all there was, they would behave very differently. I think a lot of people are on auto-pilot, treating this life as a sort of trial run, or something that can be “cleaned up” later on. I’m not sure, however, if everyone would take it the way you suggest. If people knew that this life was “it,” would they behave better or worse? I think some would try harder, and some would not try at all. I think some would live each day to the fullest, and some would just figure “what’s the point?” Would more or less people commit suicide? Would people be more kind or more hedonistic? Would people be more altruistic, or more prone to lie, cheat, and steal to get what they want in any given moment? I wonder.

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