Money to burn

burning-moneyThere is a guy across the hall who has hired a laundry service.  At night, he leaves a bag of laundry outside his office.  In the morning, there are cleaned and pressed shirts hanging from the door, as if by magic.  Don’t get me wrong, if I had money to burn, I would be all about fresh pressed shirts that I didn’t have to launder or iron.  But if I had that kind of surplus, there are other things I would do first. Continue reading

Knock at night

dark front door at nightLast night I had a dream that I was at home, lying in bed, and everyone else was asleep, and it was completely dark.  Just as I was about to fall asleep, there was a loud, sharp, banging knock on the front door. [BANG, BANG, BANG].  It so startled me that it woke me up in reality.  And I woke up to a dark house, with everyone else asleep, very, very much like the dream setting I had just woken up from.  It seemed so real that I was not completely sure whether I had actually heard the banging or not.  I don’t know if I ever even opened my eyes.  I was still really tired. Continue reading

“Can’t and Won’t” Stop Going to Book Stores

My favorite thing to do (within reason) is browse in bookstores.  I like looking, seeing the books, watching people, watching what other people are reading/buying/looking at.  I found myself in a bookstore recently (would find myself there daily, if I had my druthers).  Was grabbed by the cover of Lydia Davis’s collection of short stories Can’t and Won’t. Continue reading

Time Travel Aquatic

adorable-white-seal-animals-wallpapersSo I have this recurring dream (nightmare?) that I am capable of time travel.  No machine necessary, all I have to do is use my mind.  The only catch is that, I don’t only travel through time, but I also somehow transmogrify into a seal.  And I’m not sure the seal version of me has the same acuity necessary to mentally travel back through time/morph back into my human form.  No offense to seals, but this is my concern.  What should I do?

Another night, another dream

This time I was in an antique shop that was adjacent to an auction house.  Some of the items up for auction were in the store.  When an item was bid on and then purchased, I was to deliver the item to the auction house.  I was standing in the open door to the shop, facing the street.  The day was bright and sunny, the city busy, and foreign somehow.  Like a cross between southern Italy and Morocco.  Continue reading

Pool Dreams

Had a dream last night.  I was standing in line to go to the pool.  It was a large pool with Olympic diving platforms and boards.  The line to get in was extremely long.  Somehow I knew that this girl I had a crush on in high school would be inside.  I was both the age I was in high school and the age I am now (you know how dreams go).  I finally got into the locker room, and one of the toilets had overflowed and there was water everywhere (I don’t know if this is germane to anything, but it was a relatively brief dream, so I can afford to spare no details). Continue reading

Interpreting Dreams (In a big hurry)


The Interpretation of Dreams by Freud

I was sitting at the desk once when a woman in an agitated state approached. Before I could finished my rote greeting she cut me off and said:

“Look, where are your books about how to interpret dreams?”

When someone asks a question at the library, you typically follow it up with a question that will narrow the search a bit. It’s quite common to have someone ask a question thinking they’re looking for one thing, and mean something very different.

My followup agitated her more still. Continue reading

Time itself is the real hallucination

I have had lucid dreams, more real than any day I have ever lived in waking consciousness.  Mine is a very active dream life.  I hallucinate. And waking, there is always that brief moment where I’m not sure whether I am awake or dreaming, whether I am drifting into or out of dreamland.  Sometimes, the final realization that I am actually conscious in a tangible, external world is a relief.  Other times, it causes excruciating pain.  Depending on the dream. Continue reading