Games, games, games, and more games

Do you remember the games we used to play as kids?  No, I’m not talking about board games, or even video games.  I’m talking about mind games.  The lies, the manipulations, the half-truths, the treacheries.  Okay, so it wasn’t all that bad.  I think all kids do it.  But how do they learn it?  When do they learn it?  Why do they do it?  Are our kids going to do the same to us?  And, more importantly, are they going to get away with it? Continue reading

Stupidest Game Ever?

twilight board game

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Today I’m going to break this down into two categories: board games and video games.

I was recently invited to a game night for anyone who lived under the bridge. I liked some of the games a lot. I’m a fan of Go, Chess, Backgammon, and can stand the occasional game of Monopoly.

I can’t stand Scrabble, although I don’t think it’s the stupidest game ever. You’ve got to be able to spell and strategize–nothing stupid about that. Continue reading