2016 Goodreads Reading Challenge- Year in Review

book-stackIt’s 2017!  Where has 2016 gone?  It was a great year for reading, and I met my reading challenge (notice I’m not saying “goal.”  I have a tricky relationship with goals and reading, as I’ve addressed in this specific context before).  Here’s how the year went: Continue reading

Money to burn

burning-moneyThere is a guy across the hall who has hired a laundry service.  At night, he leaves a bag of laundry outside his office.  In the morning, there are cleaned and pressed shirts hanging from the door, as if by magic.  Don’t get me wrong, if I had money to burn, I would be all about fresh pressed shirts that I didn’t have to launder or iron.  But if I had that kind of surplus, there are other things I would do first. Continue reading

The Easiest Way To Change Your Thoughts


he's doing it wrong

I’m just speaking from personal experience here, but I think that in general, trying to change people’s thoughts is a waste of time. This of course goes against the grain of just about every self improvement book I have ever read.

Most of them start with change your mind and the rest will follow. I think this is backwards, futile, and a waste of time. They preach that better thinking will lead to better actions.

A question. Think about a couple of your most cherished beliefs. Politics, religion, The Way Things Are…just think about the belief systems that you participate in. How easily could you change your minds about them? Could you do it through willpower alone? I say no. Continue reading