5 Books You Should Read This Summer: Guest Post by Cassie @ CultureCoverage.com

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Summer is a great time to get started on that stack of books that you’ve meant to tackle for some time; between sunning by the pool, jet-setting all over the world and just having a break to finally breathe from the mayhem of everyday, non-summer life (for the lucky ones, that is), this list is your answer to breaking out of reality and getting lost in some great prose.

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Surprising Facts About Bestselling Authors

You can find a lot of information on the famous writers – how they lived and how they created their immortal works. Writing is not easy and is quite time-consuming. When reading an interesting book, the reader usually does not think about the features of the character and lifestyle of the writer, who created it. But some facts of his biography,or the history of a book creation are at times very entertaining and even provocative. Continue reading

Inspiring Stories About Famous Authors- Guest Post

[We are very excited to have Hilda Simpson, a freelance writer and honorary dunce, on board with two fascinating guest posts about famous authors.  Hopefully she has fun, and will agree to come back for more.  Enjoy!]

What inspired great writers and how they scheduled their working day.

Hemingway wrote standing, Nabokov used the index cards, Vonnegut recharged with scotch and Murakami with sports. We bring you the most interesting evidence of outstanding writers, on how they created a working day that inspired them. Continue reading