Interview with Author Josh Hanagarne

Dunce Two and One: Interviewer and Interviewee

[Josh and I go WAY back.  We met in college in an English class we both stuck out in (for reasons both savory and un-).  We were pleased and surprised to discover that we shared uniquely similar outlooks on life, ladies, and literature.  Oh, and scrawny guys who think they are tough; especially of the cheesy arm-tattooed variety.  Watch out!  We’ve had many adventures together (road trips, concerts, women, bon fires, howling at the moon, this blog), but that is only the beginning.  There will be lots more insanity to come!] Continue reading

Author Interview: Abby Slovin

I recently had the opportunity to read Letters in Cardboard Boxes, by Abby Slovin.  It was a touching, beautiful story, rich with human relationships and memories and urban charm and self-discovery.  I may still write a more thorough review, but in the meantime, I had the unique opportunity to “interview” the author, and I can’t wait to share our exchange.  So hear it goes: Continue reading