The Circle- Movie Review

Imagine a monolithic technology company.  A Google/Facebook/Apple hybrid.  And imagine that company decides to globally eliminate all secrets and privacy.  Everyone’s every waking moment is broadcast in real time for the whole world to see.  No matter how intimate.  No matter how sensitive.  Like Big Brother on steroids, only using contemporary or very-near-future technologies that Orwell’s worst nightmares couldn’t have even fathomed.  Sounds horrific, right?  Continue reading

Three Must-See Movies for Book Lovers

Who doesn’t love a love story?  I know I do.  Of all the movies I watch, a lot of them end up being romantic movies.  Within that genre, my hands down favorite sub-genre is literary romantic movies, or movies with a strong writing/art component.  Because there is no one here to stop me, I will christen the sub-genre “Writerly Romance”  (if this catches on as a concept, don’t forget that you heard it here first).  Three great ones I’ve seen recently are Words and Pictures, Not Another Happy Ending, and The Longest Week. Continue reading

TV as Company

tvI have read here recently, from a couple of sources (Jonathan Franzen and/or Ann Patchett, I think), that reading is a lonely business, and that writing is a lonelier business still.  Even movies can be a lonely endeavor.  Have you ever had some time alone, and gone on a movie-watching binge, one after the other, barely stopping to eat or sleep or do anything but watch?  It’s delightful, in its way, to be sure, but can also feel intensely lonely. Continue reading

TINY: A Story About Living Small- Movie Review

TINY- A Story About Living SmallRecently watched “TINY: A Story About Living Small” on Netflix.  Whoa!  The film/documentary was written, produced, and directed by its stars Christopher Smith and Merete Miller.  If you want a detailed factual synopsis of what it’s about, you can go to IMDB or check out the movie’s website.  Or, if you have Netflix, you can watch it there.  Or here.  In a nutshell, Christopher decides to build a 130 square foot house from scratch.  On a surface level, the documentary is about his journey to build the house with little money and no prior building experience.  But I’m more interested in why than how, and what it means, and in discussing some of the questions it brought to mind in my own life.

Continue reading

Before Midnight- Movie Notes

before midnight(The other two I’ve done in stream-of-consciousness/movie note form; I guess there’s no reason to deviate now).

We all lie to our children.  A lot.  At some point, remembering all those lies is going to become a challenge.  We are going to slip up.  And our then adult children will remember those lies as the only truth they know/knew.  That will undoubtedly prove awkward. Continue reading

About Time

AboutTime-Clip05There was a time in my life where I was very much about the music.  It seems there were frequent occasions to listen to it: in my room, driving about with friends, at dances, at clubs, working out, or on my Walkman just about anywhere.  Nowadays, I rarely listen to music ever.  And I miss it.  And whenever I do listen, it reminds me of these distant, younger, simpler times. Continue reading

Drive – Movie Review

driveYo!  This movie freaking ROCKED!!!  Drive quickly and easily became my favorite Ryan Gosling movie ever (but I haven’t seen The Notebook yet, so I guess that could be subject to change) (but then I have seen Lars and the Real Girl, so, the competition in this category may not be too tough) (but see Blue Valentine). Continue reading


I don’t use the term frequently or lightly, but Disney’s Chimpanzee was absolutely DARLING!  I loved every single second of it.  I took my seven-year-old son this weekend, and we both have a new favorite movie.  For me this comes as no surprise, as I have had a life-long obsession with all things monkey.  My first gift was a sock monkey that I still have, and I recently let my son borrow my stuffed gorilla (creatively named “Gorilla”) who has also been a lifetime friend and protector from the dark. Continue reading

He’s Just Not That Into You- Again

Another weekend, another chick flick.  Even if you saw it when it was in theaters.  Which wasn’t that long ago…

Based on a self-help book of the same name, and apparently further inspired by a line from Sex and the City (which I am mercifully not forced to watch), He’s Just Not That Into You is a typical chick flick/rom-com, masquerading as a tell-all exposé on the inner-workings of what guys are really thinking, which in reality plays out a lot more like just another chick flick/rom-com written by a woman that thinks she knows what guys are really thinking Continue reading