Before Sunrise- Movie Notes

[Have you ever dreamed about having a choice encounter with a true stranger and experiencing real romance, even if only briefly?  Well, as threatened/promised in my ramblings regarding the first movie, here are my equally random (but I think intriguing and kind of fun) thoughts/notes on the second movie, Before Sunrise (which is actually the first movie, but I saw the second first, and so should you).  These really were both very romantic and gorgeous and delightful films.  My notes will make more sense once you have watched, but might be fun anyway.  Here you go…] Continue reading

Before Sunset- Movie Notes

On one of those rare occasions where I found myself with both the afternoon and the television to myself, I came across Before Sunset (starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy), just starting, and I sat down to watch.  I had never heard anything about the film, but the opening shots of the streets of Paris captivated my interest.  Continue reading

Atonement: Movie Review

Several months ago we did a “movies better than their books” segment.  This was not one of those.  But.  It was a masterpiece; one of those at least as good as the book, though different, because in a completely different medium.  That being said, Atonement, the book, though itself indisputably fantastic (Ian McEwan has come to be one of my very favorite contemporary authors), was not one of my favorites, while the movie might be.  Here’s why. Continue reading

Definitely, Maybe: Movie Review

Can you stand the cuteness?

Okay, I know I have been on kind of an anti-chick-flick tear here.  I make no secret of the fact that I am not in love with the genre.  But, as these these things go, Definitely, Maybe isn’t bad.

First of all, Ryan Reynolds is: (1) attractive, (2) funny, and therefore (3) a compelling love interest.  Nothing kills a romantic comedy’s appeal quicker than unattractive/annoying main characters or implausible chemistry between the would-be lovers. Continue reading

Winter’s Bone: Movie Review

If any of you are harboring any romantic suppositions about what growing up selling smack in southwest Missouri would be like, you need to see Winter’s Bone.  I haven’t spent as much time as some folks down in those parts, but I live right near there, and have been through and around the area enough to speak to some of the accuracies in the film.  I was touched and moved by how correctly the Ozarks were depicted. Continue reading

The Vow: Movie Review (Sort of)

How do you write a movie review without spoiling it for anyone else that wants to see it?  The way they do trailers these days, you pretty much see the entire movie in the preview, and there is nothing left to the imagination: no twists, no surprises, no excitement.  They hit all the high points, you get the gist, and the movie is just a longer version of the trailer.  If you have any interest in this movie, I’m assuming you’ve seen the trailer, and I don’t want to give away any more than that.  I’ll try to toe the line. Continue reading

Wild Target: Movie Review

A very specific sub-genre though it is, I love British spy-type comedies, of which Wild Target is the funniest, most entertaining representation I have seen in a long, long time (also, I think I may have the teeniest bit of a crush on Emily Blunt.  Teeny tiny.  Teensie (in this move particularly, she is just so adorably cute)). Continue reading

Time is Money- Literally

We have all heard the phrase, now it’s a movie.

So it’s official :time = money!

This looks good, I don’t care if it’s got Justin Timberlake in it.  The premise: in the future, time is the only currency, no one ages past 25, once your “time” runs out, you’re done.  The rich look 25, but can basically live forever.  The poor don’t make it much past their 25th birthday. Continue reading