Books for Rent???

I don’t know how long this has been a thing, but just today I discovered a “Rent Book” option on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  A passable idea in theory, I suppose, but the cost is just a couple dollars less than buying the book brand new, and you only get to keep it for a couple months.  Unlike the movie rental industry, where you are merely paying a considerably smaller percentage of the overall price, I don’t see how this model can sustain itself.  But then, what do I know? Continue reading

The Mindset List

I just read an article about this list, and I find it as fascinating as I find it insulting.  Maybe I’m scared by how true it is.  Maybe I’m threatened by its presumptuousness.  Maybe I’m terrified by the prospect that it might be true as applied to even one incoming college freshman.

But as soon as I read about it, I knew I had to discuss it here.  And here it is.  Continue reading

Ciao bella!

Have you ever seen this picture?  This unstaged photo was taken in 1951, 60 years ago this month, in Florence, Italy.  The title is “American Girl in Italy” and, while iconic, there has long been controversy over whether it was staged.  The photographer and its subject have always sworn that it was not.  And I, for one, believe them.  Continue reading