Summer Dad

It’s hard being a summer dad.  While the rest of your family is in vacation mode, your life stays exactly the same.  Mornings are the worst, waking to a silent house, getting ready like usual while everyone else sleeps in as long as they want.  No goodbye, no out-the-door kisses.  Nights are bad too.  Having slept in, they are ready to party: one more snack, pop in a movie, “why go to bed, we have NOTHING to do tomorrow?!?!?”  Wish I could say the same. Continue reading

Sharks vs. Zombies

sharkBedtime with young kids can be pretty special.  By the time you’ve given them a bedtime snack, cleaned up the snack, brushed their teeth, caught them eating another snack, brushed their teeth again, put them in (ideally, but not necessarily) clean pajamas, read them a book, sung them a song, read them another book, sung another song, said a prayer, kissed them goodnight, you’re well beyond ready to move on with your evening.  Oftentimes, I am getting home from a long day of work just about the time this delightful ritual begins.  I’m hungry, I’m tired, I’m desperate to just relax and find some time for myself and not be needed for just five freaking minutes.  Many times, my attitude is not much better than this guy’s. Continue reading

Oh Huggies, I’m So ANGRY With You!!!

"Now you've gone and made Daddy MAD!!!"

Unless you live in a cave, you know that Huggies is in big, BIG trouble right now.  Why?  Because they’ve gone and created a whole ad campaign  that depicts fathers as completely incompetent when it comes to childcare and baby wrangling.  And there’s just one thing I’d really like to know… WHO CARES??? Continue reading

Parents “under fire”!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can’t get on the internet, turn on the TV, or read a newspaper (does anyone still actually read newspapers any more?) without seeing some headline about a parent “under fire” for doing something.  Granted, the term “under fire” is catchy, it GRABS your attention, but don’t parents deserve a break?  And just who, exactly, are they under fire from? Continue reading