The Science of Happiness

10 happy thingsI had the opportunity to read an article here recently entitled “The Surprising Science Behind ‘Supremely Happy’ People.”  Ever in the pursuit of a higher state of happiness, I was intrigued by a list within the article compiled by “happiness researcher” (how awesome would that job be?) Kate Bratskeir.  According to Ms. Bratskeir, supremely happy people do the following 10 things: Continue reading

Sharks vs. Zombies

sharkBedtime with young kids can be pretty special.  By the time you’ve given them a bedtime snack, cleaned up the snack, brushed their teeth, caught them eating another snack, brushed their teeth again, put them in (ideally, but not necessarily) clean pajamas, read them a book, sung them a song, read them another book, sung another song, said a prayer, kissed them goodnight, you’re well beyond ready to move on with your evening.  Oftentimes, I am getting home from a long day of work just about the time this delightful ritual begins.  I’m hungry, I’m tired, I’m desperate to just relax and find some time for myself and not be needed for just five freaking minutes.  Many times, my attitude is not much better than this guy’s. Continue reading

Does Warm Milk Help You Fall Asleep?

glass of milk

I’ve been having trouble sleeping. You see, not too long ago I saw a man wearing jeans. Nothing strange about that, is there? Well, what if I told you that every single one of the belt loops on his jeans were broken? So of course he wasn’t wearing a belt.

Somehow his pants stayed up around his thin hips, but all I could see were the broken loops. How on earth could that have happened? And now I am up all night, every night. Continue reading