Vacation Reading: Florida Edition

Left to my own devices, the suitcase I would bring on a Florida vacation would be 90% full of books.  If there happens to be any leftover room for a toothbrush and a swimsuit, great.  Anything else would be superfluous.  But as my wife is fond of reminding me, these are no longer viable packing options, given our current circumstances. Continue reading

New Dunce?

It is with great pleasure that the Dunce Academy announces the arrival of a new Dunce to our team. Jack will be writing on our fine little blog directly from New York’s Avenue A.  His posts will appear every first Friday of the month and include discussions on his never-ending search for work and constant tweaks to his cover letter, his interactions with some of New York’s finest and quirkiest, and such observations as how “Call of Duty” enhances your ability to survive in the real world.  Continue reading

Messy + Clean = Opposites Attract?

"Oh, the humanity..."

Were you to divide the world’s population into two categories, messy people and clean people, I probably wouldn’t qualify as anyone’s definition of “neat.”  Not that I don’t value cleanliness and order, and not that I leave mountains of filth or mayhem in my wake, either; but I don’t enjoy or feel compelled to always have things “just so” (like some people do; you know the types).  And I certainly feel no burning desire to be the one making things that way.  It’s just not how I am wired. Continue reading

3-Day Weekend, Every Week?

Every time I come off a three-day weekend, I find myself thinking “now that was a real weekend!”  Because two days just don’t cut it.  Weekends are about three things: (1) chores (unfortunately), (2) relaxation (of necessity), and (3) fun!  And that’s a lot of stuff.  With only two days to squeeze it all in, it’s the fun that usually suffers.  Big time!  Continue reading