Duplex, by Kathryn Davis

duplexWhat a strange, dark, beautiful world Kathryn Davis has created in her novel Duplex.  And the best part is how it sneaks up on you.  Everything is all perfectly normal, but then there is, almost in passing, a sorcerer.  And robots.  And fairies.  Horsewomen.  Aquanats.  But subtly, almost like you’re the strange one for seeing anything out of the ordinary.  And you find yourself questioning whether you’ve seen anything at all. Continue reading

What does art do?

Van Gogh's "Starry Night"

What does art do for you?  Does it inspire?  Make you smile?  Push you forward?  Make you happy?  Make you sad?  Make you crazy???

And by “art” I don’t mean just painting, but sculpture, cinema, theater, and of course writing.  And I ask both you as a consumer and as a creator.  An art enthusiast and an artist. Continue reading