Surprising Facts About Bestselling Authors

You can find a lot of information on the famous writers – how they lived and how they created their immortal works. Writing is not easy and is quite time-consuming. When reading an interesting book, the reader usually does not think about the features of the character and lifestyle of the writer, who created it. But some facts of his biography,or the history of a book creation are at times very entertaining and even provocative. Continue reading

Author Interview: Abby Slovin

I recently had the opportunity to read Letters in Cardboard Boxes, by Abby Slovin.  It was a touching, beautiful story, rich with human relationships and memories and urban charm and self-discovery.  I may still write a more thorough review, but in the meantime, I had the unique opportunity to “interview” the author, and I can’t wait to share our exchange.  So hear it goes: Continue reading