The Circle- Movie Review

Imagine a monolithic technology company.  A Google/Facebook/Apple hybrid.  And imagine that company decides to globally eliminate all secrets and privacy.  Everyone’s every waking moment is broadcast in real time for the whole world to see.  No matter how intimate.  No matter how sensitive.  Like Big Brother on steroids, only using contemporary or very-near-future technologies that Orwell’s worst nightmares couldn’t have even fathomed.  Sounds horrific, right?  Continue reading

Big Brother, Where Art Thou?

Recently, our town has been inundated with these red light cameras.  I find this offensive on a number of levels.  On the one hand, sure, I’m sure there were studies done by the highway patrol and various other national agencies, research organizations, and legislators.  I don’t doubt that somewhere there are stacks and stacks of impressive charts and graphs about decreases in fatal crashes and improvements in highway safety and blah, blah, blah.  But at what cost?  Continue reading