Time itself is the real hallucination

I have had lucid dreams, more real than any day I have ever lived in waking consciousness.  Mine is a very active dream life.  I hallucinate. And waking, there is always that brief moment where I’m not sure whether I am awake or dreaming, whether I am drifting into or out of dreamland.  Sometimes, the final realization that I am actually conscious in a tangible, external world is a relief.  Other times, it causes excruciating pain.  Depending on the dream. Continue reading

“Avid reader” definition

Would you describe yourself as an “avid reader”?  If so, how, would you say, is an “avid reader” defined?  Is it a question of quality, quantity, passion, or some combination?  Or is it something else entirely?

I am a great lover.  Of books <ahem>.  And I always have been.  As far back as I can remember, and I suspect even earlier than that.  I have always felt compelled by this inner drive to read, an obsession, almost.  Continue reading

Born to Drink?

Until recently, I never would have considered there to be any connection between liquor and literary prowess.  But then I came across a study that suggests “the alcoholism gene is linked to above-average verbal ability.”  I find this both noteworthy and strange.  Why would this be true?  How could this be true?  And how and why is it being measured? Continue reading

Pitying the Fool

Do we feel sorry for the dim among us?  It seems like a silly question, but I ask in all seriousness.  Let me give you a brief history of how I arrived at this query.

We are all familiar with the concept that “ignorance is bliss.”  I started by wondering if this could be true.  I have known people that identified themselves as “dumb,” and not in a blissful way.  So I determined that, if ignorance is ever bliss, it must be so comprehensive as to include ignorance of the fact of ones own ignorance.  Continue reading