Momma Don’t You Worry- Book Review

momma dont you worryOccasionally, we here at the Dunce Academy get the chance to read new authors.  Such was the case with Louie Lawent’s Momma Don’t You Worry, a touching tale of childhood and the complicated dynamics between a child and his mother as he starts to recognize/exercise his independence.

If you’ve ever thought writing a children’s book would be easy, Lawent can prove you wrong.  Despite the relatively short length and facial simplicity of the tale, it needs to work on multiple levels at once.  Thanks to Lawent for the chance to read this sweet and moving story.

Book Review: Mr. Strong

mr strongDunce Two, did you ever read the Roger Hargreaves’ books? His Mr. Men and Little Miss series was the cornerstone of my childhood. And now my adulthood, in many ways.

In case it’s been a while, each one of his books had a title like Mr. Tall, Mr. Messy, or in this case, Mr. Strong. Master Strong looks a lot like the Kool Aid Man.

He wakes up every morning and eats an omelet with about a zillion eggs in it. Then he proceeds to break just about everything he touches because, of course, he is too strong not to. Continue reading