Day Self vs. Night Self

"Have you ever noticed..."

One of my favorite things about my new(ish) city is the radio station 102.5 FM “24/7 Comedy Radio.”  As its name would suggest, it really is comedy, like stand-up comedy, almost all the time, with very little commercial interruption (which is a refreshing reprieve from every other radio station, which seem to be nothing but 75% obnoxious commercials, 5% crude and obnoxious talk, and 20% the same three annoying songs played in a constant loop). Continue reading

Definitely, Maybe: Movie Review

Can you stand the cuteness?

Okay, I know I have been on kind of an anti-chick-flick tear here.  I make no secret of the fact that I am not in love with the genre.  But, as these these things go, Definitely, Maybe isn’t bad.

First of all, Ryan Reynolds is: (1) attractive, (2) funny, and therefore (3) a compelling love interest.  Nothing kills a romantic comedy’s appeal quicker than unattractive/annoying main characters or implausible chemistry between the would-be lovers. Continue reading