“Quack This Way”- David Foster Wallace and Bryan Garner Talk Language and Writing

DFW-Quack-This-WayWhat if you took two of the most beautiful minds known to man, sat them down in a room together, told them to talk about your favorite topic (language & writing), recorded the whole thing, and then turned it into a book.  Basically, that is exactly what has happened in Quack This Way.  I have had the distinct pleasure of reading several of Garner’s books and seeing him present in person.  I have read just about everything David Foster Wallace ever wrote.  The very idea of this book made me ecstatic with hope and excitement.  I was not disappointed. Continue reading

On Sarcasm in Writing

In a recent conversation, in response to my statement that “there is something really great about sarcasm.  For me, there is no such thing as ‘too sarcastic’ writing,” I was asked “Have you read any George Saunders?”  And the funny thing is, that I had (though I did not then know it) (because, you see, though I never forget a face, as I may have mentioned here previously, I rarely remember a name; that’s just the way my mind works; or rather, doesn’t) (more on that in a little bit).

Consider the Lobster- Book Review

Speaking of exceptional essay collections, I found myself in desperate need of a good book recommendation here lately and, as I will often do, I turned to Dunce One.  I have never been so satisfactorily recommended (probably having a great deal to do with the fact that he has impeccable taste in literature and knows me better than (just about) anyone else; probably also not hurting that he is remarkably well-read and deals extensively with books, both professionally and recreationally). Continue reading