“Quack This Way”- David Foster Wallace and Bryan Garner Talk Language and Writing

DFW-Quack-This-WayWhat if you took two of the most beautiful minds known to man, sat them down in a room together, told them to talk about your favorite topic (language & writing), recorded the whole thing, and then turned it into a book.  Basically, that is exactly what has happened in Quack This Way.  I have had the distinct pleasure of reading several of Garner’s books and seeing him present in person.  I have read just about everything David Foster Wallace ever wrote.  The very idea of this book made me ecstatic with hope and excitement.  I was not disappointed. Continue reading

Every Love Story is a Ghost Story

every-love-story-is-a-ghost-storyA friend of mine described D.T. Max’s Every Love Story is a Ghost Story- A Life of David Foster Wallace as akin to a 300-page Wikipedia article.  300+ pages later, I’m still not sure how to respond to that.  It was very factual, but better written and less boring than much of what you’ll find over at Wikipedia.  Of course, maybe I’m just biased.  Would you read a 300 page encyclopedia entry about the most fascinating person you have ever encountered?  If yes, then read on. Continue reading

Young Fathers

Happened upon the following:
In three separate venues in today’s various airports Sylvanshine had found himself locking eyes with thirty-year-old men who had infants in high-tech papooselike packs on their backs, their wives with quilted infant-supply bags at their sides, the wives in charge, the men appearing essentially soft or softened in some way, desperate in a resigned way, their stride not quite a trudge, their eyes empty and overmild with the weary stoicism of young fathers.
David Foster WallaceThe Pale King
I would maybe take offense, if I wasn’t so feeling so soft and resigned.  And exhausted.