“Can’t and Won’t” Stop Going to Book Stores

My favorite thing to do (within reason) is browse in bookstores.  I like looking, seeing the books, watching people, watching what other people are reading/buying/looking at.  I found myself in a bookstore recently (would find myself there daily, if I had my druthers).  Was grabbed by the cover of Lydia Davis’s collection of short stories Can’t and Won’t. Continue reading

Another night, another dream

This time I was in an antique shop that was adjacent to an auction house.  Some of the items up for auction were in the store.  When an item was bid on and then purchased, I was to deliver the item to the auction house.  I was standing in the open door to the shop, facing the street.  The day was bright and sunny, the city busy, and foreign somehow.  Like a cross between southern Italy and Morocco.  Continue reading

Pool Dreams

Had a dream last night.  I was standing in line to go to the pool.  It was a large pool with Olympic diving platforms and boards.  The line to get in was extremely long.  Somehow I knew that this girl I had a crush on in high school would be inside.  I was both the age I was in high school and the age I am now (you know how dreams go).  I finally got into the locker room, and one of the toilets had overflowed and there was water everywhere (I don’t know if this is germane to anything, but it was a relatively brief dream, so I can afford to spare no details). Continue reading