Before Sunrise- Movie Notes

[Have you ever dreamed about having a choice encounter with a true stranger and experiencing real romance, even if only briefly?  Well, as threatened/promised in my ramblings regarding the first movie, here are my equally random (but I think intriguing and kind of fun) thoughts/notes on the second movie, Before Sunrise (which is actually the first movie, but I saw the second first, and so should you).  These really were both very romantic and gorgeous and delightful films.  My notes will make more sense once you have watched, but might be fun anyway.  Here you go…] Continue reading

You again?

Okay, this may not be the usual high-brow material our Dunce Academy readers have grown accustomed to, but I have observed a phenomenon that I believe deserves note.  At work, I have a co-worker, and every time I rise to answer nature’s call, so does he.  Every single time.  We work on opposite ends of the building, and would have no way of knowing that the other is embarking on a trip to test out “the facilities” (I recently encountered someone that referred to the bathroom as “the gentlemens;”  I didn’t care for that at all; struck me as pretentious).  But every time I head that way, so does he.  What is going on? Continue reading