Before Midnight- Movie Notes

before midnight(The other two I’ve done in stream-of-consciousness/movie note form; I guess there’s no reason to deviate now).

We all lie to our children.  A lot.  At some point, remembering all those lies is going to become a challenge.  We are going to slip up.  And our then adult children will remember those lies as the only truth they know/knew.  That will undoubtedly prove awkward. Continue reading

Blood in the Cage- by L. Jon Wertheim

blood in the cageIn a lot of ways, I am not a guy’s guy.  I don’t watch football.  I don’t golf.  I don’t enjoy grilling.  I don’t ask for power tools for Christmas.  I prefer novels to newspapers, subtitles to explosions, chocolate to just about anything else, and I am more sensitive than most of the women I know.  But the one area where my guyness truly shines is in my affinity for mixed martial arts. Continue reading