If you recall, I did an interview about a week ago with a promising new author named Abby Slovin.  Well, she had such a great time, and is so awesome and generous, that she has agreed to give away a copy of her excellent book Letters in Cardboard Boxes, right here, for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!  Isn’t she THE COOLEST?!?!?!?  And check out that awesome cover; you know you want it!  So here’s the deal: Continue reading

FREE Book Giveaways- Iron House

buy used books cheapBooks are my favorite things.  I buy old books when I can and new books when I have to. I buy used books cheap and cheap books used.  The only thing better than a new book is a cheap book and the only thing better than a cheap book is a free book.

And that’s why I have decided to embark on a series of free book giveaways here at Dunce Academy.  I have been fortunate enough to get free books from a number of free online giveaways and sweepstakes, and have decided to spread the love.  So, without further ado, I am pleased to present… Continue reading