TINY: A Story About Living Small- Movie Review

TINY- A Story About Living SmallRecently watched “TINY: A Story About Living Small” on Netflix.  Whoa!  The film/documentary was written, produced, and directed by its stars Christopher Smith and Merete Miller.  If you want a detailed factual synopsis of what it’s about, you can go to IMDB or check out the movie’s website.  Or, if you have Netflix, you can watch it there.  Or here.  In a nutshell, Christopher decides to build a 130 square foot house from scratch.  On a surface level, the documentary is about his journey to build the house with little money and no prior building experience.  But I’m more interested in why than how, and what it means, and in discussing some of the questions it brought to mind in my own life.

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Freedom, by Jonathan Franzen: Book Review

This book got a lot of hype (I think even Oprah endorsed it, so you know it’s legit).  For a while, it was everywhere, and everyone was talking about it.  I didn’t read it when any of that was going on.  But then two things happened: (1) a friend of mine read and reviewed it on Goodreads, and I became intrigued; and (2) while waiting to get my haircut, I read an article in, I think it was “Time,” containing an interview with the author, talking about his relationship with David Foster Wallace, and how Wallace’s death impacted his writing of the novel.  He also talked about why and how he writes women.  Intriguing, intriguing, intriguing. Continue reading

The Myth of Choice: Book Review

We all believe we have the freedom to make choices.  Our diplomatic and legal systems are founded on that presumption; whole systems of religion and philosophy rely on the concept.  But what if our ability to choose is not completely within our control?  What if there are no real choices?  What if we aren’t as free as we think we are?  These are some of the questions contemplated by Kent Greenfield’s The Myth of Choice. Continue reading

Wide Open Spaces

For a brief time here recently, I was the proud “owner” of about 4100 square feet of space (“owner” is in quotes because ownership is actually, legally and technically, kind of a complicated term.  It often feels like you don’t really “own” anything).  But I bought a house, and was still paying rent on an apartment, and a storage unit, and a moving truck, so for that moment in time, it was all “mine.” Continue reading