Black Mirror

black mirrorHow had I never seen this show before? It combines dark psychological twists with intriguing exploration of the philosophical issues associated with the current (and near-future) state of cyber-tech and its potential impact on the human experience.  A week ago I had never heard of the show; I have now binge watched every episode on Netflix, and am desperate for more. Continue reading

Cosmopolis- Book Review

CosmopolisFor reasons I am still trying to wrap my head around, Don DeLillo’s White Noise moved me more than any book I had read in quite some time.  Not in an altogether good way, or bad way.  I found it both pleasant and intensely disturbing.  It was familiar and horrifying, and thus both comforting and startling.  I liked it.  It was something to experience. Continue reading

One-way ticket to Mars

mars to earthPicture this.  In the year 2024, a human colony will be established on Mars.  The selection process will be very rigorous, and only a chosen few will get to go.  The only catch: we only have the technology to get these bold space adventurers there; there is no coming back. Continue reading