The Braindead Megaphone

braindead megaphoneGeorge Saunders is predominantly known for his short stories.  And make no mistake, he is the master.  But he is also exceptional at shorter non-fiction stuff, and his collection The Braindead Megaphone is a shining example.  For me, this is because the qualities that make him a good fiction writer carry over into his nonfiction.  Because, for me, all good writing is about the human perspective, and the ability to see and convey perceptions in a unique but still relatable way.  Saunders is one of those talented writers who could make any topic fascinating. Continue reading

On Sarcasm in Writing

In a recent conversation, in response to my statement that “there is something really great about sarcasm.  For me, there is no such thing as ‘too sarcastic’ writing,” I was asked “Have you read any George Saunders?”  And the funny thing is, that I had (though I did not then know it) (because, you see, though I never forget a face, as I may have mentioned here previously, I rarely remember a name; that’s just the way my mind works; or rather, doesn’t) (more on that in a little bit).