2016 Goodreads Reading Challenge- Year in Review

book-stackIt’s 2017!  Where has 2016 gone?  It was a great year for reading, and I met my reading challenge (notice I’m not saying “goal.”  I have a tricky relationship with goals and reading, as I’ve addressed in this specific context before).  Here’s how the year went: Continue reading

Goodreads Reading Challenge

Does anyone else do the Goodreads Reading Challenge?  I’ve been doing it for a couple of years now, and really enjoy it.  Enjoy it, and hadn’t thought too much about it, until just recently when I read an article on, I believe it was Book Riot, where one of its submitters said she was taking a break from the Challenge, or at least dialing it way back, because of the hold it had taken on her life.  Granted, she had some ridiculous goal of reading something like 300+ books a year, and so found herself reading while eating, reading in the shower, reading instead of ever going out with friends, not sleeping so she could read, and reading junk just to fill a quota.  This is taking it to the extreme.  But I have experienced a micro version of some of these. Continue reading

“One More Thing” by B.J. Novak

one more thingIt’s hard to rate a book of short stories with a single “out of 5 stars” rating. Some of these stories I would definitely give 5 stars (e.g. “Sophia,” “One of These Days We Have to Do Something About Willie,” “Closure”). There were a couple in the beginning that were pretty raunchy. The J.C. Audetat one wins the “one of these things is not like the other” award. The “Kindness Among Cakes” wins for “shortest yet still thought-provoking.”

Continue reading

Independent Book Blogger Awards

Hey Everybody,

Goodreads asked me to enter our humble little blog in this Independent Book Blogger Awards contest.  So I have.  The first round is audience voted in, and then a panel of judges picks the winner.  There are four categories: Adult Fiction, Adult Nonfiction, Young Adult & Children’s, and Publishing Industry.  I categorized us as “Adult Nonfiction” because we don’t really fit any of the categories (we also break most of the rules and will probably be kicked out immediately). Continue reading