Truth in Advertising- Thoughts and Review

truth in advertisingI read this book several years ago.  Read it closely, marked it carefully, had every intention of posting a thorough and thoughtful analysis at the time.  Life got in the way (and let’s face it, life is still in the way).  But I was doing some reorganizing lately, and I saw several tabbed passages in the book, and started re-reading some of the portions I marked.  And while I can’t remember the book in its entirety, the tabbed portions alone tell a story that is still close to my heart.  Anyone else grinding it out in corporate America (or corporate anywhere, for that matter, or just grinding it out in life in general) will probably relate to at least some of these.

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Rediscovering Maya Angelou

maya angelouAs I have mentioned here before, there was a time in my life when poetry was very important to me.  Reading it, studying it, writing it, writing about it.  I read a lot of poets during that time, by assignment and by choice.  I really liked some, and I really didn’t like others.

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My apologies, Michelle Williams

Have you ever associated an actor so closely with a role they have played that you no longer separate them as a person from them as that character?  I am afraid to say that I have done this with Michelle Williams and her character as Jen Lindley on, of all things, “Dawson’s Creek.”  I was never a huge “Dawson’s” fan myself, but aspiring Dunce 5 sure was, during a crucial period in our relationship’s development, and so I was subjected to massive Joey/Pacey/Dawson angsty love triangulation and have heard Paula Cole not want to wait for her life to be over more than any straight/sane man should.

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What do you need to know for your permit test?

What do you need to know for your permit test? Perhaps a little more than you need to know for the do what you are test.

Anyway, as far as driving…

My story is a little different.

This is actually fresher in my mind than it is for a lot of people.  That’s because I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was almost nineteen (it’s a long story) (actually, it’s not that long; I went to high school outside the country, and you had to be eighteen to get your license; I did have a moped, though, and it was AWESOME!)  So, when I got back stateside, I finally had a chance to get my hands on that elusive license.  I did some practice driving in this sweet old Buick my parents had, not a ton, but enough to get the general idea.  I didn’t mess around with a drivers education or driver safety course.  I didn’t even get a learner’s permit.  “How hard could it be?” I thought.  “Learning to drive is easy!” Continue reading