“In the beginning” and other cliches

Dunce One’s post about Very Bad Poetry got me thinking.  Once upon a time, I used to like poetry very much, and fancied myself somewhat of a burgeoning poet.  The reality is, I haven’t written or attempted to write a poem in well over a decade (life gets in the way; you know how it goes).  So imagine my excitement when I came across the “¡Poetry!” group on www.Goodreads.com, a group for poetry enthusiasts to share favorite poems and ideas, as well as original works, in hopes of praise, acclaim, advice, understanding, or (one would hope at least constructive) criticism.  Continue reading

The Anti-Kid Movement

A recent slew of articles has been driving me bonkers: (see also this one and this one).  Restaurants, airlines, grocery stores are all lashing out against children and their parents, and I am left confused, frustrated, and incensed.

Most annoying are the ignorant comments appearing below the articles from illiterate non-parents who assume INCORRECTLY that only children with bad parents misbehave.  News Flash, IDIOTS: ALL CHILDREN MISBEHAVE!  All kids are loud!  Do you think that, just because you don’t have any, you get a monopoly on being annoyed by their noise and tantrums?  You know who’s REALLY sick of noisy, misbehaving kids? The PARENTS of those noisy, misbehaving kids. Continue reading

Pitying the Fool

Do we feel sorry for the dim among us?  It seems like a silly question, but I ask in all seriousness.  Let me give you a brief history of how I arrived at this query.

We are all familiar with the concept that “ignorance is bliss.”  I started by wondering if this could be true.  I have known people that identified themselves as “dumb,” and not in a blissful way.  So I determined that, if ignorance is ever bliss, it must be so comprehensive as to include ignorance of the fact of ones own ignorance.  Continue reading