iGen- Book Review

Whether you’re a parent, a teacher, an employer, or just an observer of the human condition, there is a good chance you’re concerned about the youth of today.  They are glued to their phones, they don’t go outside, they can’t/won’t get jobs, they seem incapable of genuine, face-to-face communication.  What are we going to do with them?  Take away their devices?  Kick them out of the house?  Throw up our hands and give up? Continue reading

Vacation Reading: Florida Edition

Left to my own devices, the suitcase I would bring on a Florida vacation would be 90% full of books.  If there happens to be any leftover room for a toothbrush and a swimsuit, great.  Anything else would be superfluous.  But as my wife is fond of reminding me, these are no longer viable packing options, given our current circumstances. Continue reading

Sharks vs. Zombies

sharkBedtime with young kids can be pretty special.  By the time you’ve given them a bedtime snack, cleaned up the snack, brushed their teeth, caught them eating another snack, brushed their teeth again, put them in (ideally, but not necessarily) clean pajamas, read them a book, sung them a song, read them another book, sung another song, said a prayer, kissed them goodnight, you’re well beyond ready to move on with your evening.  Oftentimes, I am getting home from a long day of work just about the time this delightful ritual begins.  I’m hungry, I’m tired, I’m desperate to just relax and find some time for myself and not be needed for just five freaking minutes.  Many times, my attitude is not much better than this guy’s. Continue reading

Another word for “babysitter”

find a childminderIf you ever really want to upset a mom, particularly a young, overworked, often frazzled stay-at-home mom, and you happen to see her out without her kids, say on an evening or a weekend, ask her something like “if you’re out, who is watching your kids?” or worse “hey, is your husband babysitting?  Isn’t that nice of him?”  I have it on good authority that they HATE this, the thinking being that the children are just as much the husband’s/father’s responsibility as they are the mother’s, and that’s not called babysitting, it’s called parenting.  Period.

Continue reading

The Anti-Kid Movement

A recent slew of articles has been driving me bonkers: (see also this one and this one).  Restaurants, airlines, grocery stores are all lashing out against children and their parents, and I am left confused, frustrated, and incensed.

Most annoying are the ignorant comments appearing below the articles from illiterate non-parents who assume INCORRECTLY that only children with bad parents misbehave.  News Flash, IDIOTS: ALL CHILDREN MISBEHAVE!  All kids are loud!  Do you think that, just because you don’t have any, you get a monopoly on being annoyed by their noise and tantrums?  You know who’s REALLY sick of noisy, misbehaving kids? The PARENTS of those noisy, misbehaving kids. Continue reading

Games, games, games, and more games

Do you remember the games we used to play as kids?  No, I’m not talking about board games, or even video games.  I’m talking about mind games.  The lies, the manipulations, the half-truths, the treacheries.  Okay, so it wasn’t all that bad.  I think all kids do it.  But how do they learn it?  When do they learn it?  Why do they do it?  Are our kids going to do the same to us?  And, more importantly, are they going to get away with it? Continue reading