Cashier Commentary: Enough is Enough!

"I wonder what he's going to do with that."

One of my biggest laments about my job is that I don’t get any quality interaction with people.  As a result, I am sometimes jealous of those who do.  Having worked some retail and customer service in my past, I know that’s not all fun and games either.  But the day goes faster when you can talk to people and make them smile. Continue reading

In defense of V-Day!

The night before Valentine’s Day found me (as it has before) crowded around the holiday card section at Target.  Surrounded by twenty or so like-minded (or like-procrastinating) fellows, there is a sense of guilty solidarity.

I had my selection narrowed down to two (I opt for funny (which usually means mildly inappropriate) over sentimental in these situations) when just behind me, and very close, I heard: Continue reading