My apologies, Michelle Williams

Have you ever associated an actor so closely with a role they have played that you no longer separate them as a person from them as that character?  I am afraid to say that I have done this with Michelle Williams and her character as Jen Lindley on, of all things, “Dawson’s Creek.”  I was never a huge “Dawson’s” fan myself, but aspiring Dunce 5 sure was, during a crucial period in our relationship’s development, and so I was subjected to massive Joey/Pacey/Dawson angsty love triangulation and have heard Paula Cole not want to wait for her life to be over more than any straight/sane man should.

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Name a magazine you see at supermarket checkout stands

I read somewhere recently that “if people thought seriously, they wouldn’t read magazines.”  First off, just speaking generally, I think that’s a pretty big “if.”  But that aside, my question is, other than glancing at increasingly sensational, attention-grabbing  magazine covers while standing in line at the checkout counter to buy Cheerios (a guilty pleasure I’m sure at least 99% of us indulge in), is anyone doing any actual reading of these magazines?  Continue reading