Zombie, Spaceship, Wasteland- Book Review

zombie spaceship wastelandI’m a sucker for a fellow bibliophile, especially a nostalgic one, but egads this was clever and brilliant and unexpected and delightful. Two thumbs enthusiastically up. Laughed out loud numerous times, though it was also cerebral and witty and intelligently humorous. If all you know about Patton Oswalt is that he played “Spencer” on King of Queens, you’re missing out.  Write more, Patton Oswalt. Loved this!

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Klonopin Lunch- Jessica Dorfman Jones

KlonopinThis memoir (ostensibly the true-life tale of a successful late-twenties attorney who bravely decides to throw away stability and acclaim in pursuit of a more true-to-herself life of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll) basically had me at hello.  I mean, who can resist this line:

I occasionally considered going back to work as a lawyer, but I had hated law school, it took several tries to pass the bar, I had worked for sadists, and the day I left that world was one of the happiest of my life.  I detested the legal profession and it seemed the feeling was mutual.  So there I sat, sliding into thirty, with an unused law degree, soon to be unemployed, and in a mildly geriatric marriage that had become as predictable as my morning oatmeal.

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