Black Mirror

black mirrorHow had I never seen this show before? It combines dark psychological twists with intriguing exploration of the philosophical issues associated with the current (and near-future) state of cyber-tech and its potential impact on the human experience.  A week ago I had never heard of the show; I have now binge watched every episode on Netflix, and am desperate for more. Continue reading

What is nostalgia?

In a book I have been reading recently, White Noise by Don DeLillo, a character named Murray posits:

I don’t trust anybody’s nostalgia but my own. Nostalgia is a product of dissatisfaction and rage. It’s a settling of grievances between the present and the past. The more powerful the nostalgia, the closer you come to violence.

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The Mindset List

I just read an article about this list, and I find it as fascinating as I find it insulting.  Maybe I’m scared by how true it is.  Maybe I’m threatened by its presumptuousness.  Maybe I’m terrified by the prospect that it might be true as applied to even one incoming college freshman.

But as soon as I read about it, I knew I had to discuss it here.  And here it is.  Continue reading

Sweet nostalgia

Recently and unexpectedly,  I found myself down in Dallas with a couple of hours to kill.  Having rented a car, but needing to be back at the airport shortly, I had just enough time to drive to my alma mater on the other side of town, take a quick look around, and hurry back.  I had books with me, and restaurants and shopping were closer by.  I could have just stuck around.  But I could not resist the sweet, gravitational pull of nostalgia. Continue reading

Name Something That Gets Saved

Have you ever seen that show “Hoarders” on A&E (“A&E” for Arts & Entertainment Television; I can see the “Entertainment,” but I have yet to see the “Art”) (see also MTV)?  If you have ever seen it, even accidentally, it’s kind of hard to stop watching, like a train wreck.  Basically, it seems to be about people in a state of personal crisis, with a compulsive disorder that, triggered either by some innate psychological condition, or some personal tragedy, or both, can’t stop keeping stuff. Continue reading