Time travel b*$&^ slap!

You know that moment where someone says something to you, and you immediately say something back, but then later, lying in bed, perhaps, and trying to go to sleep, the perfect “ah, that’s what I should have said” response comes to you, in a flash, and you wish for an irrational moment that time travel was possible, if only so you could go back to that exact instant and deliver that perfect and clever and zinging response, seamlessly, as if such eloquent thoughts were up there all the time, with no notice?

Me too.


Time Travel Aquatic

adorable-white-seal-animals-wallpapersSo I have this recurring dream (nightmare?) that I am capable of time travel.  No machine necessary, all I have to do is use my mind.  The only catch is that, I don’t only travel through time, but I also somehow transmogrify into a seal.  And I’m not sure the seal version of me has the same acuity necessary to mentally travel back through time/morph back into my human form.  No offense to seals, but this is my concern.  What should I do?