“Upstream” by Mary Oliver- Book Review

upstreamI can’t read Mary Oliver’s poetry (which I have been doing a lot lately), without considering her process.  Not knowing anything else, I imagined long walks and lots of quiet pondering.  Early mornings.  But also late nights afterwards.  At a desk.  With a warm lamp. Writing, drifting, thinking.  I imagined a dog with her, maybe, on these walks or by the fire. Sometimes. Lots of quiet.  Upstream, a collection of her essays, filled in some, but not all, of the blanks. Continue reading


I don’t use the term frequently or lightly, but Disney’s Chimpanzee was absolutely DARLING!  I loved every single second of it.  I took my seven-year-old son this weekend, and we both have a new favorite movie.  For me this comes as no surprise, as I have had a life-long obsession with all things monkey.  My first gift was a sock monkey that I still have, and I recently let my son borrow my stuffed gorilla (creatively named “Gorilla”) who has also been a lifetime friend and protector from the dark. Continue reading