The Second Coming: A Love Story- by Scott Pinsker

second comingEvery once in a while, I have the opportunity to review a book by a new author.  Such was the case with Scott Pinsker’s The Second Coming: A Love Story.  Reasonably familiar with the traditional Western view of Christ and Christianity, I was intrigued by the twists Pinsker’s book promised.  This was the general synopsis I was provided:

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Author Interview: Abby Slovin

I recently had the opportunity to read Letters in Cardboard Boxes, by Abby Slovin.  It was a touching, beautiful story, rich with human relationships and memories and urban charm and self-discovery.  I may still write a more thorough review, but in the meantime, I had the unique opportunity to “interview” the author, and I can’t wait to share our exchange.  So hear it goes: Continue reading

Salvage the Bones- Book Review

This was my first foray into so-called “Katrina literature.”  I was living in Dallas during Hurricane Katrina, and felt a connection to that disastrous event.  A couple of weeks after the hurricane, I had an opportunity to go down with a group of people and help: cutting and removing limbs, tearing out moldy dry wall, moving and sorting other debris.  That was a great experience.  Salvage the Bones by Jesmyn Ward was not. Continue reading