Mysterious Cicero Dialogue

(In looking through some boxes in my basement, I came across the following, written out in longhand.  While its origins are not clear,  it is abundantly clear that I was both having fun and taking myself very seriously when I wrote this.  Also, it’s pretty freaking awesome.  Enjoy!) Continue reading

The World’s Toughest Philosophers

theodore roosevelt

Drop it, mother*$@*#r!

I’m not talking about in the I-can’t-understand-you-Kant type of tough, as in “so challenging that I can’t even figure out whether I believe any of it or not.”

I’m talking about the philosopher you would want to have at your back in a street fight. People who are philosophic and tough as nails.

We are going to choose teams, and then we’re going to fight outside the library after work.

One rule, you must give a reason why you choose whom you choose. Continue reading