Time travel b*$&^ slap!

You know that moment where someone says something to you, and you immediately say something back, but then later, lying in bed, perhaps, and trying to go to sleep, the perfect “ah, that’s what I should have said” response comes to you, in a flash, and you wish for an irrational moment that time travel was possible, if only so you could go back to that exact instant and deliver that perfect and clever and zinging response, seamlessly, as if such eloquent thoughts were up there all the time, with no notice?

Me too.


“Good People”

Let’s talk for a moment about the concept of “good people.”  And not just as the plural form of “good person” (i.e. “they are good people.”).  No, I am talking about the term in the specific context that a single person is referred to as good people plural; i.e. “he/she is good people.”  That phrase.  What is its significance?

Latent Misogyny?

When looking through some papers in my desk, I found the following, in my handwriting:
But I don’t want to hate women.  I have loved women for as long as I can remember.  You always want what you can’t have.  You do that long enough, the not having becomes part of the wanting, to the point that having is not enough, or too much.  All you want is to want, not to have.  Or to want not to have. Continue reading