“The Marriage Plot,” Dunce Two’s Take

marriage plot I have been fortunate enough to read some really, really, really good books lately.  And The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides goes right at the tippy top of this list.  What a delight!  This book was absolutely an English major’s dream come true.  Loved, loved, loved every single second of it.

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What Suffices

The cursor on his screen beat in perfect time with his uninspired heart.  He had approached the temple, cautiously at first, then more boldly, thinking he would always be welcome.  But now it was empty, and there was a sense of permanence about the vacancy, the only signs of life or sound the echoing, sing-song laughter of a thousand maniacs, also gone.

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Tired of “Must-Read” Book Lists

Sick of being confronted with lists of “100 Books Any Semi-Literate Person With Even One Measly Ounce of Self Respect And/Or Intelligence Absolutely Will Have Read” (and corresponding sentiments of inadequacy), I set out to knock some of the low-hanging fruit from the tree.  I decided to go for three at a time, selecting Continue reading

“Good People”

Let’s talk for a moment about the concept of “good people.”  And not just as the plural form of “good person” (i.e. “they are good people.”).  No, I am talking about the term in the specific context that a single person is referred to as good people plural; i.e. “he/she is good people.”  That phrase.  What is its significance?