Anatomy of a Guilt Trip

DirtyDishes1You start with the premise that you are doing or not doing something someone else wishes you were not doing or doing.  Never mind reasons why.  Never mind whether there is any definitive correlation between what you are actually doing or not doing and what they think you are not doing or doing.  Just start with that premise.

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The Gargoyle: by Andrew Davidson

the gargoyleHas anyone ever had the following experience?  A friend or acquaintance tells you “oh my gosh, you totally remind me of So-and-So (some non-mutual friend or acquiantance that you have never met).”  And you are fine with that, whatever.  That is, until until you actually meet So-and-So, and realize “oh my gosh, So-and-So is a horrible, horrible person,” whereupon you become totally, totally offended by the comparison (even though, at least on some level, you can kind of see it too).

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Mark Twain, by Geoffrey C. Ward: Book Review

mark twainIn my experience, Mark Twain is one of those polarizing authors that people either love or hate.  I have met very few people that, when asked, would say “yeah, he’s okay” or “he’s not my favorite, but he’s fine.”  Being an English major and having taken more than a couple American Literature courses, it’s safe to say that I’ve read some Twain.  But Geoffrey C. Ward’s Mark Twain has given me a new appreciation for him as a writer, as a person, and as one of the founding and most significant contributors to the canon.  Continue reading

Blood Meridian, Chapter 14: “Tierras quemadas, tierras despobladas.”

[Guest Post by Christian Higgins, without whom there would apparently be no posts of any kind.  The dunce academy is in shambles.  Thanks for your diligence, Christian].
“Tierras quemadas, tierras despobladas” — burned lands, depopulated lands, but there’s an approximate rhyme to it.  I wonder if there’s some grim Mexican nursery rhyme that goes along with it.