Books on Work

In the spirit of the magic book recommender, let me just briefly recommend five books to be read together if you’re feeling stuck in your career or mid-lifey or just wanting to vibe on the disconnect of today’s society and find yourself wondering “how did I get here, and why do I stay?”

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The Bin Laden Identity

bin laden

Osama Bin Laden

Guest post by Dunce Three

President Obama called me the other day to tell me that they got you. I thanked him for the call and hung up the phone. I don’t know why I always think of you when I talk to him; Obama rhymes with Osama I guess.  Funny.

It was bound to happen sooner or later. I mean, you became the poster child for evil Muslims everywhere even before 9/11. But that doesn’t mean I’m not grateful that you came along like you did, when you did. I would have been a “one and done” cowboy if not for you. Continue reading