Child of God- Cormac McCarthy

When two separate literary acquaintances identified Child of God as both their most and simultaneously least favorite work by Cormac McCarthy, that was all the incentive I needed to shoot it to the top of my reading list.  To say I was intrigued would be a gross understatement.  How could a book be a most and least favorite?  How could you both love and hate something so intensely at the same time?  I was so curious. Continue reading

Secret Phone Anxiety

"I'll call you..."

You wouldn’t know this to look at me, or even talking to me on the phone, but I have a secret.  I am actually terrified of  the telephone.  The phone rings, my anxiety levels rise, my palms start to sweat, my breathing gets out of rhythm, it’s a mess.  And if I ever have to make a phone call, especially one to a particularly scary destination, like the insurance company or a doctor’s office or my in-laws, forget about it!  Heart palpitations, hyperventilation, the works! Continue reading