Black Mirror

black mirrorHow had I never seen this show before? It combines dark psychological twists with intriguing exploration of the philosophical issues associated with the current (and near-future) state of cyber-tech and its potential impact on the human experience.  A week ago I had never heard of the show; I have now binge watched every episode on Netflix, and am desperate for more. Continue reading

Time is Money- Literally

We have all heard the phrase, now it’s a movie.

So it’s official :time = money!

This looks good, I don’t care if it’s got Justin Timberlake in it.  The premise: in the future, time is the only currency, no one ages past 25, once your “time” runs out, you’re done.  The rich look 25, but can basically live forever.  The poor don’t make it much past their 25th birthday. Continue reading