Road Rage- Johnson County Edition

road rageDriving home from work last night, I stopped at the last stop light before I turn into my neighborhood.   A few seconds later, glancing in my rear view mirror, I noticed a car pull up behind me.  A newer Chevy Malibu.  White.  And I happened to notice that there was a girl/woman driving the Chevy Malibu.  And I also noticed that she was wearing expensive-looking sunglasses, that she had an unnatural but not cheap-looking tan, and that her brunette hair was up in a sassy ponytail.  But more than any of this, I noticed her mouth, more specifically her lips, and even more specifically the word those lips appeared to be articulating.  Continue reading

A Euphism for Obnoxious

“…and so that’s why I became a lawyer,” she said.

“Because everyone always said you should?” I asked.


“Because you have always been opinionated and enjoy arguing?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Fascinating,” I said.  Bored.

“Do you really think so?”

“No, not especially.”

“Oh, well, how charming of you to say.”

“You’re welcome,” I said, raising my glass.

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