Time itself is the real hallucination

I have had lucid dreams, more real than any day I have ever lived in waking consciousness.  Mine is a very active dream life.  I hallucinate. And waking, there is always that brief moment where I’m not sure whether I am awake or dreaming, whether I am drifting into or out of dreamland.  Sometimes, the final realization that I am actually conscious in a tangible, external world is a relief.  Other times, it causes excruciating pain.  Depending on the dream. Continue reading

Bring in the clowns!!!

Is there a reason people are so afraid of clowns?  Are you afraid of clowns?  Me personally, I have no aversion.  That’s because any clown stepping to me would get wrecked.  But I don’t have any problem with them.  A lot of people do, though.  There is even a big, fancy name for it: coulrophobia.  So what’s the deal? Continue reading

Does Warm Milk Help You Fall Asleep?

glass of milk

I’ve been having trouble sleeping. You see, not too long ago I saw a man wearing jeans. Nothing strange about that, is there? Well, what if I told you that every single one of the belt loops on his jeans were broken? So of course he wasn’t wearing a belt.

Somehow his pants stayed up around his thin hips, but all I could see were the broken loops. How on earth could that have happened? And now I am up all night, every night. Continue reading