One Month Soda Fast

As of this Saturday, I had gone one whole month without soda or carbonation of any kind.  Now, to many in our readership, this may seem like no big deal.  Many may do this on a regular basis without even knowing or thinking about it.  But I have a problem.  No, I am not going to admit that “I am Dunce Two, and I am a caffeine addict.”  But I am employed, and my place of employment has free soda, all you can drink, within about 10 feet of my desk.  And who can resist that? Continue reading

I’m living alone!

Recently,  I had the opportunity to live on my own for 6 weeks.  I was changing jobs and changing cities, and left my family behind to sell the house and tie up loose ends while I got started here.  While of course I knew I would miss my family, I have to confess that, like young Mr. Culkin, I was kind of looking forward to having the place all to myself. Continue reading