The Gargoyle: by Andrew Davidson

the gargoyleHas anyone ever had the following experience?  A friend or acquaintance tells you “oh my gosh, you totally remind me of So-and-So (some non-mutual friend or acquiantance that you have never met).”  And you are fine with that, whatever.  That is, until until you actually meet So-and-So, and realize “oh my gosh, So-and-So is a horrible, horrible person,” whereupon you become totally, totally offended by the comparison (even though, at least on some level, you can kind of see it too).

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What are you ladies READING?!?!?!?


Basically every media outlet I am exposed to is buzzing about this book: Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James.  The buzz is not so much about an obscure book suddenly becoming popular (this happens all the time), but the type of book it is, and the audience it is popular with. Continue reading