5 Books You Should Read This Summer: Guest Post by Cassie @ CultureCoverage.com

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Summer is a great time to get started on that stack of books that you’ve meant to tackle for some time; between sunning by the pool, jet-setting all over the world and just having a break to finally breathe from the mayhem of everyday, non-summer life (for the lucky ones, that is), this list is your answer to breaking out of reality and getting lost in some great prose.

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Summer Dad

It’s hard being a summer dad.  While the rest of your family is in vacation mode, your life stays exactly the same.  Mornings are the worst, waking to a silent house, getting ready like usual while everyone else sleeps in as long as they want.  No goodbye, no out-the-door kisses.  Nights are bad too.  Having slept in, they are ready to party: one more snack, pop in a movie, “why go to bed, we have NOTHING to do tomorrow?!?!?”  Wish I could say the same. Continue reading

Vacation Reading- Ambitions vs. Reality

Reading a book at the beachIf there is one thing I lament in life, it’s the absence of sufficient free reading time.  I love to read, but by the time I get all my work done, and chores done, and finish all the other things I have to do, there is precious little time left over for anything else.  I read, sure, 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there, but it’s not the luxuriant hour upon gorgeous hour that I crave.  So on those rare occasions when I get to take a vacation, I am always excited to finally get caught up on some reading. Continue reading

Reunited, and it feels so good

No, I’m not talking about an old high school girlfriend, a forgotten box of gourmet chocolates, a favorite book, or even a trusty pair of awesome green jeans (that I would still look GREAT in, by the way).  No, I’m talking about my lawn mower.  I just mowed my lawn for the first time since May.  And I’m surprised how much I have missed it. Continue reading